03 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 3 - YELLOW nails

G'day! Today's manicure is for day 3 of the challenge: inspired by the colour yellow!

Suns in the sun :)

I started with a nice sky blue holo: Absolute by Nubar. It's beautiful, but very sheer. I like the look for the purpose of this design, but normally I would layer this over a creme in a similar colour. This is five coats--FIVE!-- and there's still some nail line showing. I know, I know... but once I got started painting layers, I was kinda committed. Anyway, it sort of works for this one since most of the nail line is covered by the suns.

I painted those with yellow acrylic paint and a detail brush. I had the idea in mind to use striping tape to mark off some narrow triangles for the rays, but it ended up being so fussy to get the strips in the right places, I just gave up and freehanded it. I think it came out pretty well! As usual, I used a moistened orange stick once the paint was dry to gently scrape away mistakes and make a relatively crisp edge. I blended a tiny bit of red into the yellow to make a slight gradient to a darker yellow towards the tips of the rays. Finally, some black and white acrylic paint to make the cute little sunglasses and smiling mouth :)

Topped with two coats of Seche Vite.

Indoors with flash

I'm still wearing these, and they make me smile each time I look at them! They're some of the happiest nails I've ever had.

As usual, check out all the day 3 creations by searching the hashtag #31DC2014, and join me tomorrow for more fun! xoxo

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