04 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 4 - GREEN nails

Hiya! Day 4 of the 31-Day Challenge is to do green nails. I took inspiration from a pair of my socks! I tend to do that a lot...

Outdoors in indirect sunlight

The base is China Glaze Starboard, and the hearts are done with OPI Green-wich Village and a small brush. They are very similar shades, just as the pattern on the socks is very subtle:

I used OPI Matte topcoat to take away the shine, and when it was almost dry, I gently pressed the socks into them to give them the same texture. It sort of worked. And by that I mean, not really at all. :P

Outdoors in shade
Indoors with flash

How'd I do? :)

I hope you liked these. See you tomorrow for day 5 and blue nails! xoxo

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