08 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 7 - BLACK & WHITE nails

One week down of the 31-Day challenge! For my black and white nails, I pulled out something I don't use very often--nail strips!

Indoors, with flash

I bought these Black Poppy nail strips years ago, and I kept thinking as time passed that I should really use them soon, because I don't know how long they last. They're the "real polish" kind, and surely they'd go hard eventually...

But my fears were unfounded--they were nice and pliable and easy to apply. I did have to trim them, but this too was easy. I didn't topcoat them, since I've had topcoat ruin nail strips before. They probably would have been OK, but hey, I'm only wearing them for a day anyway, right? Plus, I think tipwear and chipping actually works well with this look. Makes it seem more authentic grunge-rock-chic. "Oops, sorry my nail polish isn't perfect, I've just been shredding on my guitar all night."

Outdoors in sun, with my sweet star chain necklace :D

I cheated and did these nails a few days early, because I went to a rock/metal concert Saturday night and thought they'd be perfect for the occasion.

I was right \m/

I can't find much information about Black Poppy. The only place I ever saw the brand was at Charlotte Russe stores in the US, and that was a while ago. Anybody know if they're still around? The nail strips are great, and I have a couple of polishes by them that are pretty and good quality as well. Look for them if you're ever in a CR store!

See you next time for day 8--metallic nails :D xoxo

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