08 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 8 - METALLIC nails

Hello and welcome to day 8 of the 31-Day Challenge! Today I am rockin' some foil nails for metallic day :D

This post is a bit more pic-heavy than my other challenge posts (so, more like my normal ones), so click below to continue and see them all!

I first painted all nails with Revlon #928 Silver Dollar, a nice base for this foil, which is Arctic Tides from dollarnailart.com. The foil glue I used is from there as well. No topcoat on these, since I didn't want to ruin the finish. (They got ruined a couple of hours later when I took a shower, but that's OK.) It's so shiny and rainbowy and awesome!

Indoors with flash
Outdoors in shade

It was only sunny for a few minutes off and on today, so I only got one sun pic :( it's the first one in the post. Pity, since these are so reflective! But it even looks cool when the sky is cloudy...

It looks like a metal zebra here. A ROBOT ZEBRA!
Possibly my favourite of the photos. It's so bright!

Nail foils are an easy and quick way to get a super-shiny, eye-catching manicure! But that's two days in a row of not really doing nail art, so I'll work hard for tomorrow's rainbow look ;) come check it out then! xoxo

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