09 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 9 - RAINBOW nails

Today's manicure is for day 9 of the challenge, and it comes from somewhere over the rainbow. A glittery one :D

Outdoors in sun

The base is a coat of Color Club Beyond, which I felt was a great base for my glittery rainbow since it's full of rainbows on its own :D

The glitters are all from Born Pretty Store. I have the 12-pack of assorted colours, and used nine of them for this--red, orange, yellow, light green, emerald green, blue, dark blue, lavender, and pink. No violet or purple unfortunately, but I think it still works! Glitter-placement manis can be so relaxing. It's not even really as time-consuming as it looks! (It might be if I went for perfectly straight lines, but...)

Topped with Maya's Smoothing Coat for Glitters, and then Seche Vite.

Indoors with flash
Outdoors in shade
One more outdoors in sun. It was hard getting a shot that *didn't* have crazy reflective light streaks everywhere!

This is another one that I really hate to take off so soon. I'd totally wear this one for days if I could. But alas, time marches on, and the 31-day challenge does as well. So check back tomorrow for some gradient nails on day 10! xoxo

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