21 January 2015

Neon Gradient with BPS Star Decals

Hullo! I'm so excited about today's mani! It's rainbowy and sparkly and starry and awesome!

This design Lisa Frank would be proud of is done with some bright Orly polishes, a little glitter, and some water decals from Born Pretty Store. Let's get on with it! :D

Step 1, I laid down a base of a plain white creme, to make sure my neon colours really popped! The photos really don't do it justice. They do indeed pop--super bright and fluoro!

Next, I used three Orly polishes--Blue Collar, Glowstick, and Frolic--to create a gradient. These are bright blue, highlighter yellow, and magenta-pink. Where they blended on the sponge you get orange and green, so we have a nice rainbow effect. I topped it all with China Glaze Fairy Dust to blend it all together and give it a nice sparkle.

so far so good!
Now for the decals! I was sent these items for review, and I couldn't wait to use them because I just love stars! (They are here if you're interested!)

They are smaller then the other water decals I tried, so they didn't take as long submerged in water before they slid off the backing paper. I will say that the small size of these made it quite fiddly work, and it took me about an hour to get them all placed just right. I used tweezers and a fair amount of patience, but the final look is SO worth it! I just love the 80's vibe I get from them. I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat to lock them in place.

with the polishes, of course :)

I could wear these nails forever :D You can pick up these cute decals (they come in white, too), or any of the hundreds of other choices, at Born Pretty Store's website! Make sure to use discount code CITYG10 to get 10% off the already insanely low price on your order. They ship worldwide for free!

If I can bring myself to ever take these off, I'll have new art for you soon ;) have a great day! xoxo

*product sent for review--the experience described above is my honest opinion and was not influenced in any way by the retailer*


  1. Oh those colors!!!! They are so fun and amazing! Come do mine!

  2. I will when I come back to Alabama! Hoping for this summer... :)

  3. Thank you so much! Sponging is such an easy way to get a beautiful look :)


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