18 January 2015

Super Stylish Icicles

Hello there! Welcome to all my new readers--I see I have lots of new followers this week, yay! :)

The heat is approaching brutal levels here in Queensland! I'm sitting directly in front of the air-conditioning vent as I type this. But I know it's winter for a lot of you, and I wanted to think cool thoughts myself. Plus, it's been too long since I did a holo-polish mani! So I've created a kind of icicle-half-moon look for you today.

The base for this design is the awesome Futuristica by FNUG. I remember when this brand first came on the scene, and immediately made a huge splash in the nail community. They're some of the best holographic polishes ever! And it's not just me who thinks that--a search shows loads of rave reviews for them. In fact, now that I look at this again, I think I need to order more from them soon :) You do need an aqua base polish underneath this one for maximum gorgeousness. I used Nfu-Oh's Aqua Base, but FNUG of course sells one of their own as well.

For the icicles, I used Picture Polish Super Styling! It's a lovely rich warm electric blue jelly that's full of sparkle. It would need two or three coats to be opaque on its own, but over this base, I just needed one for that icy look. I used the polish brush to roughly add some jagged shapes coming down from the cuticle, like so:

That's pretty enough, isn't it? It's really hard to capture how sparkly Super Styling is. It's positively mesmerising. And Futuristica is so intensely holo! (This is a dangerous combination for driving on a sunny day, I assure you.) I wore this for a day before adding the icicle details with a small brush and black & white acrylic paints, then topping with Seche Vite to protect it all.

Not the greatest photo of the nails, unfortunately, but I wanted to get a shot with the bottles :)

Both of these polishes are still available from their respective shops (Futuristica, Super Styling), although the latter is being discontinued, so snap it up while you can!

Hope you enjoyed this one. See you soon for more :) xoxo


  1. Love the icicle look! I hope you get some heat relief soon! So crazy to think we will be opposite....

  2. Thank you! Yeah, this planet is neat :) I'll gladly split it with you :D


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