22 February 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 - The Year of the Goat

Hullo :) I hope you've had a nice weekend! I am thankful to say that although Cyclone Marcia caused some problems farther north, my area escaped with naught but some localised flooding. Everything I've read seems to indicate that no serious injuries or deaths were reported, so that's awesome!

I know it's a few days after the official start of the Chinese/Lunar New Year, but I did these cute nails for the occasion and decided I had to show you. Besides, I promised Allison (my super-sweet contact at Born Pretty Store) that I would, so... this one is for you! I know it isn't a sheep, but I just started painting and this cute little guy came out :)

(click for full-size... I couldn't bear to shrink this one down too much)

I started with three thin coats of OPI Goldeneye, the best gold polish in the world. Full stop. It's amazingly gorgeous and I wish I'd had some sunlight to properly show off its warm glow. (You can see better pics of it here!)

The red tips are a polish I frankened a little. It started as LA Colors Aztec Orange, but I added some Spectraflair holographic powder as well as something else shimmery that I can no longer recall. I wanted a red holo and now I have one! Two coats over the gold base produced this pretty warm red that seems to glow from within :D

I used black acrylic paint and a small brush to paint the black swirly details, and the crazy awesome glitter circles are from OPI I Snow You Love Me.

I actually painted the little goat onto a plastic baggie to create a little decal! I plopped down a little blob of Seche Vite first, and used acrylic paint for this cutie. Another clear coat over it, let it dry, and then I was able to peel it off the baggie and adhere it to the nail with more topcoat. I'm not going to lie--I'm SO pleased with how it came out! I want to hug him. Pity he's only about 3mm tall in real life! (Well, 6 if you include the horns.)

Thanks for reading today! xoxo


  1. So festive! And that goat is totally cute.

  2. Thank you! I love him so much I saved him :) carefully peeled off the paint and stuck it onto a fake nail, lol!


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