19 February 2015

Indie Polish Swatch Time | 38

Hello everyone!

I'm going to make this post quick, because 1) I'm sick, boo; and 2) there's a cyclone coming this way! It shouldn't hit my area directly--it's mostly north of here--but we're already getting lots of rain, and it's just going to get worse over the next day or two. Floods might mean power outages or worse, so I want to get this up now!

I recently swatched a few Indie Polish goodies for you (here and here), but I have one more to show you today!

This fun glitter topper is simply called 38! Tanya, the creator of Indie Polish, made this special polish to commemorate her 38th birthday. As you can see, it consists of microglitters, rectangles, stars, hexes, and hearts in white, yellow, and pink. I have layered it over white, black, and a couple of colours here for your viewing pleasure:

All those fun bits are absolutely packed in the bottle! I noticed that two coats works much better than one--on the second pass, the first coat sort of "grabs" the second one and leaves you with a lot more coverage. A little bit of fishing and placing is necessary if you want even coverage and distribution, but that's to be expected from any chunky glitter like this. I think it really shines over dark colours--just look at it over the black and blue! I used two coats of Seche Vite on top to smooth it out.

38 is still available on the Indie Polish website, so head on over to celebrate Tanya's 38th with her! Prices on both the polishes and shipping are very reasonable, and every bottle is hand-poured with love. :)

Now then, if I can manage to get well and not float away, I'll be back soon with more nail art. See you then! xoxo

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