03 February 2015

Half-Moon with AMAZING Indie Polish Glitter!

Hello lovely people!

I had a really fun day today. I got to hang out with Jessie from Nailed It NZ, who is on holiday right near me! I always jump at the chance to make/meet cool new friends--especially nail friends, and especially nail friends I've admired online for ages! (Nailmates. It's a thing. Starting right now.) And, not like I'm bragging or anything, but we're some pretty sexy people, especially when we've been rained on and sweating and roller-coastering all day:

that's me on the left, Jess on the right. Some joker in the middle. ;)

I didn't have a terribly long time to spend on my nail art beforehand, but I knew I had to have on something impressive. Perfect time to try my newest polish from Indie Polish!


The base is two thick-ish coats of China Glaze Paper Chasing. Normally I do three thin coats of this one, but as I said, time was a factor today. Plus, it was opaque enough near the cuticle, and I knew that was the only area where the green would still be showing on its own :)

And that's because I covered most of the nail with Indie Polish Birthday Party. OH EM GEE. This is two coats of this glitter-packed beauty! Silver holo sparkles. SO many silver holo sparkles. These are big pieces, and are insanely reflective and rainbowy. It's unreal. It's like China Glaze Fairy Dust on steroids. It's magical. Did I mention how densely-packed this stuff is? It's pretty thick, but in a good way. Two coats is all you need for opacity.

I used two coats of Seche Vite over it, for a smooth glassy finish.

Nice blurry one to show off this unbelievable rainbow action!

I had to get a video, too, because the photos don't do this justice.

I'm not even sure that does it justice. You have to see this to believe it. If you don't drop everything right now and order this baby, I don't know what you're doing with your life.

OK, OK, I'll stop gushing now, and will go quietly stare at these under a bright light for a while. I hope you love these too! Come back soon--I have more Indie Polish swatches to show you! xoxo


  1. Cute nails!!! Love anything sparkly, obviously! And how awesome that you got to meet a friend! I love that part of blogging the most :)

  2. There's a nail challenge floating around now where one of the prompts is "your favourite colour". If I do it, I'm wearing this polish and quoting you: "my favourite colour is glitter!" :D You should totally order some of this one!

  3. Hahaha I love it!!!!


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