15 March 2015

MUD Swatch & Review, Part 2

Good day! Today is the day of the wedding! By the time you read this, I'll have had: a very busy day of doing nails and getting ready, the privilege of attending my friend's ceremony, and several offerings from the open bar at the reception ;)

I have three more MUD polishes to show you today. Let's get to it!

First, Blue Moon:

This one is a nice creamy cornflower blue, a little more dusty and docile than it appears in these photos. The formula was similar to the first polish I showed you yesterday--thin, watery, uneven... but again, just like the previous, it built up nicely and I quite like the final look.

However, even with three coats, it was sort of patchy in bright light. I'd need more, or to layer it over something else, to prevent this:

Oh well! In honour of the name, I added these cute little moon stickers to dress it up.

Next is a creamy, fiery red called Chili Pepper:

This one is hot! Two perfect coats and my nails were ready for a night of salsa dancing or a pin-up photo shoot. I keep thinking this plus some matching red lips would be so retro-glam.

To decorate this, I used some acrylic paint, plus the last polish in this set: Green With Envy, a green glitter topper.

Naturally, I had to paint on a chili pepper! I used acrylic paint for that. Green With Envy has several sizes of emerald-green glitter in a thin clear base. It was almost too thin--hard to get much on the brush, and I used at least three or four coats just to get this much coverage. I would apply this with a sponge in the future, to get more glitter and less clear base.

The gems down the centre are from one of those gem-sticker sheets, meant for decorating mobile phones and such:

I'd hoped it wouldn't be too thick and inflexible for nail art, and I was right :) I topcoated this look with Seche Vite, and wore it as a full mani for most of the week before I left.

And thus concludes my MUD swatches. I'm very impressed with the quality for price here. They were overall a bit on the thin side, but dried quickly, making it easy to build up enough on the nail. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more from this brand when I'm shopping in the future. If you're in Australia, check them out!

I'll be back in a couple of days, so hopefully I can get in a St. Paddy's design for you. The one thing about the timing of this trip is it means I won't get to do as many green manis as usual!

See you soon xoxo

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