11 March 2015

MUD Swatch & Review, Part 1

Hiya! If you're seeing this, it means I am in sunny, hot Perth and Blogger's post scheduler is working properly ;)

I was at Coles (a local grocery store) recently, and saw a brand in the cosmetics section I haven't seen before. It's probably common here--I just have avoided buying much makeup because it's so much more expensive here than I'm used to! But this was reasonably priced, so I grabbed some eyeshadows and then all six nail polish colours I could find. The brand is called MUD (Make Up Daily), and it's all surprisingly good quality! I will show you three shades today and three next time :) So click the jump below to check 'em out!

First up is a pretty purple called Hypnotize Me:

This is the first polish of the lot that I tried, and at first I was a little disappointed. It was very thin, watery, and uneven. But as you can see, it built up really nicely! This is three coats. There is some VNL going on, and it probably could have used another coat or two. But,

Anyway, it's very pretty, and I think over a base of a similar colour, the opacity issue wouldn't be a problem.

Taking inspiration from the polish name, I decided to stamp some hypnotic swirls over this with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, and Bundle Monster plate BM-418.

This photo is closest to the true colour :)

Next up, a medium/neon purple called Electrify It:

The formula on this is much better! It's creamy and pretty, and I only needed two coats for opacity. The nail line that shows in this photo isn't visible at all IRL. I really love the colour!

Again, I wanted to do some simple art based on the name, so I used a white striper to throw on some lightning bolts.

And last, my fave of the entire lot--a neon pink called Look At Me:

Look how bright it is! This was a surprise--in the bottle it looks bright pink, but not this neon. I was delighted to see how vibrant it is and how well it covers. It isn't streaky and chalky like some neons. It actually reminds me a lot of Indie Polish's Neon Pink, which I adore. I only have a small bottle of that, though, so I'm really happy I found this! It needed three coats for opacity.

A name like Look At Me called for some funny nail art...

Half-pearls and some black paint, and I have a hilarious little accent nail! Hilarious.. and kinda creepy.

woah, okay, meant no offense
ermegerd staahhp

Righty-o! I'll just subdue him with some acetone...

Check back soon for the other half of this haul! :) xoxo

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  1. Nadine Mathews12 March, 2015 07:31

    Such fun colors!!! I really love that first one :)


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