15 April 2015

Pink Ombre with Gold Glittery Tips

Hello! I've had a busy week of meetings and interviews and lots of rushing around. But tomorrow is my birthday, so I will have a great mani up to celebrate! In the meantime, you have one more day to enter my giveaway on Instagram! In celebration of one year there, as well as my birthday, I am giving away two of my favourite polishes--Essie Set in Stones and Max Factor Fantasy Fire! Entry and rules can all be found here, so go check it out!

Anyway, today I wanted something simple, chic, but with a touch of glitz. I filed a bit of my length down and then did a pink ombre with gold glittery tips!

This mani is quite easy to do, and it isn't exactly original, but it is a classic look that is pretty on anyone, any skin tone, any nail length! I created the ombre look by painting each nail a different pink shade: from darkest to lightest we have Indie Polish Neon Pink, Zoya Jolene, Cult Nails Falling Hard, Color Club She's Sooo Glam, and Revlon #911 Pink Chiffon.

I chose these particular polishes because all of them, even the neon, have a bit of blue in the mix. I think they ombre particularly well!

For the tips, I've sponged on two different gold glitter polishes--Milani Jewel FX Gold and Orly Sashay My Way. The former is the cooler gold, uniform hexes while the latter has warmer holographic hexes and bars. I think they work well together! And sponging these glitters means you get a lot of the sparkly goodness without gooping on a lot of thick clear base.

I had to use three layers of Seche Vite over all this to smooth out those glitters, so it caused some shrinkage around the cuticle! It's already started peeling off there, unfortunately. But it did last the day and threw rainbows around when I moved my hands in the sunlight!

I think pink and gold look so classic together--what about you?

Thanks so much for reading today :) see you next time! xoxo

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