20 April 2015

Shimmery Rainbow Birthday Marble!

Hel-lo! Man, what an insanely busy few days! My birthday was the 16th, and as you guys know, I love rainbows and sparkles. I bought a brightly-coloured rainbow dress to wear for my special day, and did these shimmery marbled nails to go with it!

These didn't come out quite the way I expected, but I'm still quite pleased with them--especially the thumbnail! If I did it again I'd use a different orange, but I think they're still great. Read on for the deets!

I started with a coat of China Glaze Icicle, a nice silver foil, as a base for all nails. I found six shimmery/sheer-ish polishes in rainbow colours to marble with--Zoya Nidhi (red), Zoya Gabrielle (orange, and soooo sheer it doesn't show at all except on the thumb), Color Club Daisy Does It (yellow), Zoya Ivanka (green), China Glaze Blue Years Eve (blue, duh), and OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? (purple). It's topped with--what else?--Birthday Party by Indie Polish! The holo sparkles were perfect to finish it off, and the name is just too fitting.

dat macro doe

looooooooooooove that thumb :D

I've got a couple more Born Pretty Store goodies to show you coming up, and then my first Colores de Carol polish just arrived, so I can't wait to get that on my tips too! Check back soon to see it all :) see you next time, and have a great start to your week! xoxo

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