04 August 2015

Pixie Dust Waterfall | A Nod to the Nailasaurus

Hello hello :) I am working on growing out my poor broken nails. Why do they seem to grow so quickly when they're long and I'm constantly filing them, but so slowly when I want them to regenerate? *douses hands in cuticle oil*

However, as promised, I've taken the opportunity to be inspired by the queen of short nails, Sammy the Nailasaurus! I'm not sure if she invented this technique or just popularised it, but she's definitely made it her own and even has a tutorial on her blog. It's a pretty easy one to do but looks so striking when done with the right colours! I've used some Zoya Pixie Dust shades over black and I really like the jewel-toned result:

The base is simply a coat of Wet 'N Wild Black Creme, and the four Zoya Pixie Dust colours I've chosen for my waterfall are Liberty (blue), Solange (gold), Carter (purple), and Arabella (pink). The thin striper brush I used is from Born Pretty Store.

I didn't topcoat these--I really love the texture of these polishes and how they sparkle over the black!

The whole thing took less than half an hour--this is such an easy way to get an eye-catching mani, and you can use any colour combo you like to match your outfit, so this technique gets two sparkly thumbs-up from me :D

Thanks for stopping by today! Until next time... xoxo

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