29 July 2015

Windows 10 Is Here!

Hello! Special post today in honour of Windows 10 launching today! My job involves dealing with the upgrade today in some local electronics shops, so I did a special manicure for the occasion.

I first painted the smallest nail with Orly Blue Collar, the lighter blue and one of my most-used polishes. Once that dried, I taped off the Window-pane shape with striping tape and painted them all with two coats of OPI Eurso Euro. This navy-and-cyan combination matches my clothes for the day and also the "official" Windows 10 wallpaper:

The glitter placement says "W10" as you can see, and I got those from Born Pretty Store :D

Last but not least, I did a gradient on the thumb with two coordinating Zoya Pixie Dust shades--Liberty (cyan) and Sunshine (navy).

And of course, Seche Vite topped off all nails except that last one.

They sparkle so much in the sun!

Do you like these nails? And are you excited to upgrade? A lot of people didn't Windows 8 when it came out, and 10 brings back a lot of the old features people preferred--plus heaps of awesome new stuff. I'm rarely overly excited about these things, but I am today!

Nerdy post today! But I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading today! See you next time xoxo

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