24 August 2015

Delush-ous Princess Tips

Hola! I'm heading off on another trip tomorrow! This time I'll be in the US visiting friends and family for a few weeks. I have a post or two lined up, plus I plan to buy polish while I am there, so I should be able to show you a few things while I'm away :)

My nails are starting to grow out a little! In preparation for my trip I trimmed and filed them down again, able to get rid of the patches and tip I had on. You can see that they're all short again, but after this I can (hopefully...) grow them back out with no further dramas!

Today I have a design that just sort of happened... I didn't really have an idea in mind, but in the end I think it looks very princessy. Peach would wear these nails (especially with gold instead of silver accents)!

The tips are done with two simple coats of Bombshell by Delush Polish. This super-girly, bubblegum-pink is set apart by the sky-blue shimmer running through it. It's sort of the opposite of the famous Sinful Colors Cinderella. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Decorating it was as simple as lining the tip with a silver glitter liner, popping these little 1mm silver stones in the centre of each nail, and topping with Seche Vite. Fabulous!

dat shimmer doe

These feel very... sweet. I tend to like wild blingy nails, but something soft and girly is nice now and then as well.

I've got to try and get an early night tonight! Long day of flying tomorrow--a total of 17 hours in the air + stopovers = a 22+ hour day, and that's not counting the evening I have to try and stay awake to adjust to that time zone. Have a wonderful week, and I'll see you in the next post :) xoxo

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