09 September 2015

I'm Still Here!

Good day, dear reader! Do you follow me on social media? I haven't had as much time to update here during my holiday as I thought I would. I'm gone for another week and very much want to get another post up here--but I have added a few new things on my Instagram and Facebook pages! So if you want to see my new Zoya haul and the limited amount of things I've been able to do with them (seeing as I have none of my tools with me), make sure to head over there!

Also, I'm gutted that I'm missing the 31-Day Challenge this year! It totally slipped my mind when I planned this trip. I've got to stop scheduling anything during September. I may do it later instead, or perhaps I'll jump in halfway through when I get back (which will be on the 16th of the month in Australia).

Come on over to FB or Instagram and say hi, and keep an eye out for some new posts here as soon as I can :) take care and have a beautiful week! xoxo

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