19 October 2015

Jacaranda-Inspired Textured Gradient

Good day, my dear readers! Spring has come on strongly here in sunny Queensland, and the weather is already starting to feel like summer. I have a massive Jacaranda tree in my back yard, and it's beginning to bloom beautifully. I was inspired by the lovely purple colour and created this manicure!

(click to enlarge!)

I created a gradient with two of Zoya's PixieDust polishes--Nyx (light dusty purple) and Carter (warmer, deeper purple) and a cosmetic sponge. I've found that the texture of these allows for an easy, flawless transition between the two colours, and I really like using them this way!

For a bit of an accent, I used a silver glitter striper to create three lines extending from the base of the nail, and then a dot of Carter in the middle of the "starburst". The silver is a bit hard to see in some of these photos, but in low light it's quite noticeable.

No topcoat, of course! I may add some later, just to see how it changes the look. If I do, I'll add another photo at the end :)

they match my socks, too :)
The index nail is out of focus in this shot, so you can really see the sparkle in these shades.
(click to enlarge)

I can't believe I didn't think I'd like the textured-matte-sparkle thing when these first came out. They're absolutely magnificent and I want them all :D Also, although it's spring here, I know it's autumn for a lot of you, and textured polishes seem so fitting for that season! So, who cares if they're still trendy or not? Pull 'em out and enjoy a quick and unique mani you can throw on and head out the door without waiting for topcoat!

Thanks for reading today! Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do. Have a lovely start to your week! xoxo

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