12 October 2015

Orange Shimmer & Stars

Good day, good day :)

Spring is here! It's getting warm and lovely outside, and while I really don't ever stop wearing neons (being confined to seasonal trends is sooo not my style), it seems extra fitting to wear them now! So I've created this bright yet simple mani with neon orange, glitter, and stamped stars!

That colour isn't enhanced at all--it's just that bright! *_*

I used three different polishes for the base: Orly Melt Your Popsicle (neon orange creme), Zoya Gabrielle (sheer orange shimmer) and a crazy one called Three Cheers and a Tiger by Piggy Polish. I've had this one for ages and never used it! It has bar glitters as well as tiny sparkles that shimmer in orange, yellow, and lime green. They're all suspended in a translucent orange base.

After I layered all that and topcoated, I stamped the stars from Bundle Monster plate BM-014 (their re-release of original designs) using both Konad black and white stamping polishes. I'd initially intended to make a sort of shadowed effect, but ended up going for something a little more random. :)

Topcoated once more (with Seche Vite, btw) and all done!

The brand name, as well as the slogan on the bottle, indicates this is meant for pedicures. Oh well, what can I say? I'm a rebel. :P

I hope you liked these! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things around here :) have a lovely week and I will see you next time! xoxo

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