08 December 2015

Born Pretty Store Review | Floral Stencils

Good day! Just in time for the holidays, I have received a new set of products to review from Born Pretty Store! I have lots of festive, seasonal items which I will post about after this, but the one I was most excited to try is these floral nail stencils!

(click to enlarge)

Plus, Christmas means summer here in Australia, so these aren't out of place at all ;) Read on to see more!

These stickers come in a pack of 12--six each of two different designs. There are many patterns to choose from, but I liked these roses and daisies. I was able to get away with using only three of these--one for the thumb, and half of one for each other nails--per hand. If you have larger nails, you may need one sticker per finger.

They are excellent quality--thin, but not too thin, and they stuck firmly to the nail so I had no leaking, yet they peeled off easily afterwards. Plus, they're holographic! If something can be both beautiful and functional, I'm a huge fan. These definitely fit the bill.

The base is two coats of Revlon #280 Bubbly, a bright bubblegum-pink creme. The colour Barbie would have on her nails ;) I used a fast-drying topcoat over that, and then waited about 15 minutes before applying the rose stickers. I had no trouble with application--as I said, the quality is perfect. I wanted my roses to be two-toned, so I dabbed on two more Revlon polishes randomly with a sponge-- #680 Revlon Red, and #350 Raspberry Rapture (this one is scented!). I was able to easily remove the stickers with a pair of tweezers, and voilĂ ! Instant perfect rose mani that looks as neat and pretty as any wrap or professional job :D

I did, of course, top it once more with Seche Vite to protect and smooth it out.

I feel like the different shades show up best here :)

(The tiny line imperfections will be from topcoat smudging--I probably didn't wait long enough for it to dry.)

So yes! A gold star for these stickers, which are so affordable! Get yours here, and don't forget to use discount code CITYG10 for a 10% discount. Born Pretty Store ship worldwide for free, so these can be yours for a little over a dollar :D But who can order just one set...?

I hope you liked this one! Stay tuned for some pretty Christmas designs :) xoxo

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