13 December 2015

Born Pretty Store Review | Holographic Snowflake Foil!

Hello lovely people! Look at this gorgeous foil from Born Pretty Store. It has holographic silver snowflakes on it!

(click to enlarge)

You guys know that holo is my favourite colour, right? :D Click to see more!

This is 100cm of shiny black foil covered with awesome silver holo snowflakes! I love snowflakes, and I love silver, and I love holo, and basically this is the most awesome foil ever.

This stuff was SO easy to use. I think it's the most cooperative foil I've ever used. I painted my nails black first, so any missed spots wouldn't show up. This turned out to be unnecessary, since the foil behaved just perfectly. Once my foil glue dried, I was able to effortlessly apply this prettiness all up in here. SO SHINY!

I topcoated with Picture Polish Revolution, their water-based glitter basecoat/foil topcoat. It worked pretty well, and only made it wrinkle a little--which may have been my fault for not smoothing the foil out enough first. It isn't too noticeable most of the time, and I got tons of compliments on these nails at work. It even wore really well, which is something I've never experienced with a foil before! I don't know if it's the type of foil or the topcoat I used, but I'm thrilled with the four days I got out of this mani.

Out of direct lighting... it's still silver and shiny and snowy :D

It may be hotter than Satan's testes here during Christmas, but these are still so festive and beautiful! And I can't believe how much is in the container--only 99 cents gets you probably at least 20 full sets! Check out this foil as well as the heaps of others on Born Pretty Store's website. Don't forget to use discount code CITYG10 to get 10% off your order, which is already super affordable AND delivered anywhere in the world for free :)

Thanks for reading today, and thanks to BPS for sending me this foil. I love it so much! Check back soon to see more festive Christmas goodies :) xoxo

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