26 January 2016

Australia Day 2016: Chevron Vinyls

Hello! Back again (after some travelling and some illness) just in time for some Australia Day nails :D

(click to enlarge!)

To achieve these, I used my chevron striping tape from Born Pretty Store, along with a couple of polishes! Read on...

Before I laid down any colours, I tried a new base coat today: Unt Ready for Takeoff, a peel-off one! Highly recommended by Cristine of Simply Nailogical, I've had my eye on this polish for some time, but since I honestly don't have many problems with my foil method + acetone/olive oil mix, I never went for it. However, I had some extra Christmas money, and decided to give it a try. It should be even easier, and way more fun and satisfying, than the foil.

Once that dried, I applied my base of Cult Nails Feel Me Up, that nice gold/yellow creme. Formula on this was a bit thin, but three coats built up nicely and it's very shiny on its own. I'm still not over the fact that they went out of business :(

I then applied a coat of Seche Vite, let it dry thoroughly, and went in with the chevron strips. These come in a roll like any other striping tape, but it has a thin chevron cutout down the centre. You have that strip, plus each side which is straight on one edge and wavy on the other. Lots of possibilities with it! I spent about 5-10 minutes cutting plenty of strips to place across the nails, and then applied them with tweezers.

Atop that I sponged several coats of Salon Perfect Kaboom (a dupe of the famous Floam by Ninja Polish, which everyone went nuts for back in 2012). It has tiny, tiny yellow and blue matte neon glitter bits, which make it look a bit green from a distance. It worked so well for this! I sponged until I had full coverage, removed the striping tape (carefully... I discovered I had to be extra delicate near the cuticles not to peel off my base coat too soon) and... well... kaboom!

I'd intended to topcoat these, but that texture is dope af, so I'm leaving it.

For those of you also living in the land down under, happy Australia Day! Have fun and be safe (and don't go punching people in the head, ay?) (lol) (but seriously though)
For the rest of you, I hope you enjoyed this fun and funky look. Chevron stripes look great in any colour combination! Pick up your striping tape at Born Pretty Store, and don't forget to use my discount code CITYG10 for 10% off your whole order--plus free shipping worldwide!

Thanks for reading today--see you next time! xoxo

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