02 February 2016

Ingress Skittle Mani | Enlightened Nails

Hey hey hey! Any of you out there play Ingress? If so, you'll get today's nails... and either love or hate them ;)

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Ingress is a mobile game, in the Google Play or iOS app stores, that I like to describe as basically a big, real-time, real-world capture-the-flag game :D It's got a fairly complicated backstory and the game play itself is as simple or as complex as you make it--but basically you choose a team, or faction, and walk around in the real world capturing things for your side! It's a lot of fun, and REALLY addictive. You can meet up with other players in the real world, coordinate missions... it's seriously not just a game, it's a lifestyle!

I chose the Enlightened as my faction, because I really like the idea of not being afraid of change, of embracing the unknown and allowing it to make me a better, more enriched person. I've gone through a lot in my life and have moved around a lot, and I wouldn't have had so many wonderful experiences if I didn't open my mind to change and new things!

I just got to level 8 in the game, which is a big deal--it's not the highest you can go, but it allows you access to the highest-level items in the game. So I painted these nails to celebrate!

The colour for this team is green, so I painted my ring and thumbnails with Essie Shake Your $$ Maker. The symbol is the eye-design you see on the middle finger, painted with black acrylic paint onto a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. For the index and small fingers I just went with holo silver (Layla Hologram Effect in Mercury Twilight), because it's pretty. The pattern on the thumbnail is a different way of expressing the Enlightened symbol, known as a glyph in the game.

It took ages and several tries to get that middle finger just right, but I love it! Here is a picture of the logo:

Do you think I got pretty close with the painting? I'm thinking of getting this as a tattoo, too...

I got a little bored with the other nails, so I changed the green to Zoya Ivanka and added some sparkles over the silver--this is Green With Envy by MUD.

I don't ever want to take off this white nail! It took ages and looks really good in person, lol. Plus I keep wanting to run into people in real life who know what it means :D

Do you play? Are you a frog or a smurf? Regardless of your faction, (or if you have no idea what I'm on about), I hope you still enjoyed these nails. Thanks for reading today--come back soon for more! xoxo

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