09 May 2016

Rainbow Flowers! | My Favourite BPS Review to date

You guys have kind of picked up on the fact that I love rainbows, right? Colourful things make me so happy, so when I got my latest batch of Born Pretty Store goodies to review, I snatched these up like it was a bag of Skittles. Which I'm also obsessed with. Because they're delicious (and, coincidentally, rainbow-coloured). But yeah. Rainbow flower and feather nail stickers! They're beautiful!

I never want to take these off! Click the jump to see the details, and like a zillion more photos.

So, these amazing stickers can be found here, and they're lovely and good quality. They are thin, and I was afraid they might not be opaque enough to show their brilliance over black, but they are! I prepped my nails with two coats of #428 Midnight Frost by Petites. I love this polish. It's opaque enough to cover in two coats, but somehow also translucent enough for the gorgeous silver glitters to show up. Magical!

The stickers are just lovely. I cut a few of them in half so I could arrange them around the nails the way I wanted (see the top middle and bottom ring, for example). And I have so many left, I can do this mani over and over!

(click to enlarge)

Are you tired of these pics yet? ME NEITHER

thumb close-up!

holding my rainbow dress, which is one of my favourite pieces of clothing :D

I think, if I had to pick one nail look to wear forever, this would be it. Maybe with an accent nail of Essie Set in Stones... yass...

Get your amazing rainbow stickers here! Use my discount code CITYG10 for 10% off! And they ship for free ANYWHERE! "Even the moon," you ask? If you live there and have internet and manage to get an order placed, YEP.

Thanks for reading today! Come back soon for moar :D xoxo

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