20 July 2016

Vintage Gilded Nails

Hello again! Today I've got a classy, rustic-looking design using two shimmery, microflecked OPI polishes and a dash of striping tape.

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Seriously, click to enlarge that. The smaller preview does not do it justice *_*

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So, I started with two coats of OPI Happy Anniversary!, which I've been really into lately. It's funny--when I was a kid I always associated pearl-coloured polish with my grandmother, because it's all she ever wore. But this one is not yo nana's pearl polish! The glassflecked shimmer with the blue and pink flashes here and there definitely make this fresh and beautiful.

I used a makeup sponge to dab on some spots of Goldeneye, also by OPI and another of my top polish picks. As I'd hoped, it lent a gilded, gold-leaf look to the design and an overall vintage feel.

But it still needed something, so after a bit of pondering, I added two stripes of black tape across it, then topcoated with my new love, the Sun Envy Gel Effect topcoat by UNT. I "cured" this standing out in the sunshine for a few minutes, and it glossed up beautifully.

Another you need to click to enlarge, and then drool at that gorgeous shine *_*

I'm really quite happy with these, and it feels so nice to have pretty nails again.

Thanks for reading! As always, I appreciate you :) see you next time! xoxo

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