28 July 2016

Pink Holo French Tips (aka: Menchiecure!)

Hello my friends!

I got a huge smile this week! A friend I've recently met through an online game (PS, it's Ingress, the Pokémon-Go-before-Pokémon Go-was-a-thing game) told me that he met a fan of this blog! So if you're reading this, hi Sam, and yes I will totally do your nails sometime if you like--hit me up :D

This week, I'm happy to be rocking a French manicure again. I love the style, but my nails are usually too stained for me to feel OK about it, at least not without some colour-correction (hint: the purple OPI Sheer Tint polish is excellent for cancelling out yellow tones!), but due to the mini-hiatus I took recently, my nails are pretty much back to normal. So I'm going to show you the gorgeous polish I picked up a while ago--Menchie The Cat, a collab with Starrily and Simply Nailogical!

(click to enlarge! DO IT)

Rest is after the jump, because as is usual with my holo manis, I took waaaaay too many pics!

So, the mani mechanic (manichanics, new term coined, you saw it here first) itself is pretty simple. I used a base coat over the whole nail, and then one coat of Color Club She's Sooo Glam on the tips. This one is a pink creme that matches the colour of the "featured" polish pretty well. Menchie is pretty opaque in two coats on her own, but since it's on the tips of my nails, I wanted to make extra sure.

Atop that, two thin coats of Menchie The Cat, this amazing chunky holo glitter polish! It's suspended in a very unique base that I haven't really seen before--it's almost a pearly-metallic light pink, dense enough to give it some opacity but not enough to interfere with the radiance of the holographic glitters. And boy, are they amazing! Light pink and SO rainbowy and reflective. It's magnificent.

To set this off, I used my glitter striper to outline the tips (I can never just leave a French tip alone...) and then added these cute bow stones (from Born Pretty Store, and look who's featured on the shop page)!

It's all sealed in with a coat of my new bae, UNT Sun Envy Gel Effect topcoat. I love that it doesn't dull the stones at all, even cheaper plastic ones :D Seche Vite will always have its uses, but this is my new go-to for anything involving stones.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

So many pics! Lots that you need to click to really appreciate, so get staring and drooling now :D

One more, because I had a cheeky play with the initial pic inspired by the name of the polish...

I hope you liked this one! Menchie is currently sold out on Starrily, but there's a very similar silver and gold option still in stock. I think the silver would be excellent--you can put any sheer polish over it to get an infinite number of holo possibilities! Holossibilities....

If you've made this far--thanks for reading! I hope you love this one as much as I do. See you next time! xoxo

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