02 June 2013

Alphabet Challenge: G is for... Gotham's Glittering Glowsticks

Good day!

Welcome to another installment of the Alphabet Challenge. Today's post is brought to you by the letter G. Another relatively simple look to create, but edgy and fun to wear. Check it out!

Dark half-moons make my nails look even longer, I think. :D

Who would have guessed neon yellow and warm gold would look so cool together?

I started with a white polish around the base of the nail, to make the neon really pop. The yellow is Orly Glowstick, which is such a bright highlighter-yellow. These pics don't do it justice; it's one of those colours that just doesn't photograph well. In real life they are eye-searing bright :D

I painted the rest of the nail with Soulstice Spa Gotham, a rich creamy black. I mostly used the brush that came with the polish, but around the edges I used a small brush to make the half-moon as smooth as possible. I wanted to use this colour combination for two reasons: 1) it just looks cool, 2) the yellow and black remind me of Batman, which went perfectly with the name Gotham!

For the thumb, I painted two coats of OPI Goldeneye, the best warm rich glassflecky gold on the planet. I then dabbed on Orly Sashay My Way--it's that warm gold chunky holo glitter from the Flash Glam collection. I initially didn't pick it up, but I'm very glad I came around to it eventually. It's really unique in my stash, with gold, very holographic large hexes and thin bars in a clear base. I used a makeup sponge to dab on two "coats". If you do it this way, most of the clear base sinks into the sponge, so you get a lot of glitter payoff without the polish getting thick on the nail. Fabulous!

Macro shotttt! Click to enlarge. Goldeneye is the perfect base for Sashay My Way, in my humble opinion. Looks disco-ball-esque! (Ignore the lobster-hands. The polish is colour-accurate.)

This manicure made me feel cool. I am not cool. But it was fun to pretend for a while :D

Hope you enjoyed this one. Have a lovely weekend, and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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