06 June 2013

Alphabet Challenge: H is for... Happy Holy Halo

Hallooooo! Today's manicure is based on the letter H. Let's get right to it!

Isn't it just.. heavenly? :D

Hooray for skittle manis :D

I used four polishes for this look, as well as those cool studs. Let's break it down!

Thumb: Two coats of a-england Holy Grail (original formula)

Index finger: Three coats of OPI Happy Anniversary!, a beautiful pearl-white polish. I used to dislike pearl polishes because it's all my grandmother ever wore. My grandmother is lovely, don't get me wrong, but it just got associated with 'old lady' in my mind. However, this is more shimmery and glassflecky rather than frosty, and at certain angles there are subtle flashes of baby blue and pink! It's really nice. Atop that I placed two gold square studs from this wheel from Born Pretty Store. (Can't wait to play more with these studs!)

Middle finger: Two coats of Holy Grail, glitter gradient tip with Orly Halo. More about that one in a minute...

Ring finger: Three coats of Happy Anniversary!, two dots of Halo, and one heart-shaped gold stud from this other BPS wheel. (and a par-triiiiidge in a pear treeeee)

Small finger: Two coats of Halo. Back to this polish! It is a great glitter! It is a dense mix of gold microglitter and small silver hex glitters. By dense, I mean really nicely dense--covers completely in two coats, has a nice thickness about it that isn't too gloppy but is really great for this type of polish. It's very elegant--I could see it being used for formal-event manicures.

Sealing it all in is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #110 Clearly Quick topcoat.

Out in the sun. Look at them glow! *cue holy angel choir music*

I really love this soft white and gold combination! I think the 'angelic' colour scheme went well with the names of the polishes. Would you wear skittley, studded nails like these? xx

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