14 June 2013

Alphabet Challenge: I is for... I Don't Give Icicles in Rotterdam

Weird title is weird.

Good day! Wow, it's been a week since I posted. I have a good excuse this time, though: my car was hit! While I was sitting inside playing Xbox and minding my own business, even. :o  (Also a special visitor in town, and some international folks coming in for meetings and dinners at work... busy week!) So the last few days have been a whirlwind of work appointments and sorting out the car. But my dear KITT will be fine soon :D It's not too bad, just some damage to the rear bumper and one of the tail lights >.<

Anyway, you've waited this long, on to the nails! In keeping with the Alphabet Challenge, today's letter was I:


There's sort of a funny story with the polishes I used for this one. I found the silver (China Glaze Icicle) and the light shimmery blue (OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam!) first. I wanted to do a marble and stamp design like this, but needed a third colour. The darker blue went well with the others, but is a mini that came in a set and didn't have a name on the bottle. I decided this would be called OPI I Don't Know, and it would work for this challenge. Hilarious, right? :P

But then I did some thinking, remembered when I got it and which set it was in, and looked up the name. And wouldn't you know? It's called Into The Night (OPI Spider-Man Collection)! Happy coincidence that was!

Anyway, I marbled with those three colours on my small, middle, and index fingers. On my ring and thumb I painted two coats of Into The Night and then stamped the heart image from Red Angel plate #110 using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Silver Sweep. Yeah, it doesn't start with I, but it stamps more clearly than Icicle does. :P

The glitter is Confetti Ice Ice Baby. It's a gorgeous glitter that looks white-iridescent but flashes electric-blue, dark blue, even purpley-pink at times! I love it. And the name cracks me up xD

Finally, topped with NYC In A New York Minute. See, even my topcoat starts with I!

I rather like how this marble came out.

One showing off the thumb as well. The polishes are colour-accurate. My skin is not >.<

I really enjoyed how the colours and the marble all contributed to a frosty, icy look. Goes well with the polish names.

See you next time with a really special post for the letter J! xoxo

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