20 June 2013

Alphabet Challenge: J is for... James Takes Over

Hello hello :) Today's post is a bit different! I was looking over my polishes and not really feeling all that inspired with my limited J polish options. And then, perhaps because I've been reading Kayla's blog too long, I thought "hmm, my special man friend is called James, I wonder if he'd let me do his nails, for the lulz...". I asked him and we giggled and then I showed him these posts and he decided to do mine instead. It worked out well since he'd just given me some polishes as a gift, and he decided to use his favourite of them as the main colour!

I'll stop talking and let him tell you about it...


May I first apologise to people expecting to see Amanda's wonderfully painted nail designs today. I'm posting today because I hijacked her nails for letter J :D

this is a totally relevant duck, I promise

I was given the chance to design and paint (with some guidance from Amanda) any pattern or design of my choosing. Thus I chose to use one of the polishes I had given her: Mallard by The PolishAholic (and from piCture pOlish). It's a lovely deep green reminiscent (unsurprisingly) of the Mallard duck. Mixed into the green is a golden glitter and large sparkly chunks that I don't know the nail polishing term for (editor's note: flakies!) :P Two coats in and thankfully there was more on the nails than on Amanda's fingers. Success!

With this lovely base set, I chose to walk before running and applied a simple golden streak along the center of the nail with Revlon #925 Gold Coin. This streak was applied with varying degrees of success and 100% enthusiasm. I think the green and golds work well together.

Finally, to give the nails some extra bling, I applied some copper coloured <WHATEVER THEY ARE CALLED> (editor's note: rhinestones :D Isn't he precious? Some copper ones from Cult Nails, to be precise. Pity they don't seem to sell them anymore.) to each thumb. They copper colour rather complimented the golden streak, giving it something of a rustic look.

without flash...

...and with :)

I've always enjoyed reading Amanda's blog and now that I've had a chance to create something my self, I understand why she likes writing her blog. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at some nail art, and thanks to Amanda for giving me a go :D



Well, there you have it! I just love hearing a big manly man describing nail polish. Almost as much as I love watching one get all concentratey whilst painting with it :D He did really well, didn't he? I think he was neater than even I am sometimes. Well done, babe! Thank you for my manicure!

(Also, Mallard is SO PRETTY. You couldn't see much of it on my nails since the gold was so bright it took the focus, but the bottle shots give you an idea. Beautiful forest green with golden shimmer and those copper-to-green flakies. Yummy. And I finally have some piCture pOlish!)

Thanks for stopping by--see you next time! xoxo

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