22 July 2013

Alphabet Challenge: Q is for... Quirky Turquoise Queen

Hello, QTs! :D  Before I jump into the post, I want to say thanks to everyone who enjoys my blog and visits regularly--I just hit 10,000 pageviews today!

I may or may not have actually done this dance.

This blog is really just my little hobby, and if I hadn't a single follower I'd still be quite content with it. However, I'm really happy that so many of you like to see what my fingertips are up to! I hope you continue to enjoy it... here's to 10,000 more :D

I also tweaked the layout of the place a little; hope it's more comfortable to read now and the sidebar looks better. ^_^

Right then! On to the next letter and next manicure. The letter is Q, and here's what I came up with:

Well, isn't this quaint?

The only two polishes I have with the letter Q are China Glaze Turned-Up Turquoise (Neon), and OPI Turquoise Shatter. I actually love the combination of the two. In some lights it really stands out, and then in direct light they kind of blend together and look more marbley (see the small finger in this pic, or all fingers in the next). Both have a shimmery finish, the shatter polish slightly more so.

With flash, the contrast is more subtle.

I first laid out the base with white acrylic paint and a small brush, so I could get that cutout-triangle look just right + so the neon base colour would be really bright and fabulous. Two coats of Turned-Up and then when that was extra super dry, I dabbed on the shatter in a sort of thick coat so it would produce the large cracks you see. (Thin coats make for finer, more delicate, weblike lines.)

The neon pink studs and light pink hexagon glitters are both from Born Pretty Store (surprise surprise, right?), and I adhered them along the edge of the cutout with some regular clear polish before sealing it all in with Seche Vite. Placing was a little tricky but well worth it. I haven't worn anything super-funky in a while, so this is great!

And, in the sun is where the sparkling glitters steal the show!

As a final bonus, after I'd had this on for a few days and was about to take it off, my friend said I should have incorporated Freddie from Queen! I think he was joking, but I was like OH DAMN THAT IS A SPECTACULAR IDEA MY FRIEND and busted out the black paint and went for it:

The most fabulous my nails ever have been and ever will be. Inspiration is his classic pose, reference pic is here. Thanks for the great idea, Craig!

Annnnnd then I couldn't bear to take them off for another two days, so I am rocking some serious tipwear, but I don't even care. (You could say I'm not Under Pressure to take them off >.>)

So thus concludes my Q-post and my yay-10,000-views-post :D Stay tuned til next time, sexy people! xoxo

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