13 September 2013

Alphabet Challenge: Z is for... Zuza's Zebras!

Last day of the challenge! This has been a lot of fun! New polishes, new techniques, new silly post titles involving alliteration. Today's is no different, and of course, features the letter Z. Shazam!

Click for full-view.. this looks much clearer at normal size :)

I actually meant for this design to be a bit neater. I was going to tape off the tips, do a zebra-print stamp, and then remove the tape and add the swoop of colour. But right as I was finishing the white base (which is Ulta Snow White), the electricity went off in my house! After ~30 mins I decided it wasn't coming back on, and went out for a beer or three. Got home around 10:30pm and decided to go a quicker route to finish up.

So... I used Stripe Rite black striping polish to freehand the zebra stripes. They didn't come out too badly... It's a different look than the stamp would have given, but I still like it! Then, of course, I swiped on Zoya Zuza in a diagonal French. I used two coats, and in low light when Zuza wasn't being all sparkly and reflective, you could see the stripes through it. But I didn't want to add another coat to the tips, as this was already pretty thick. Sealed with Seche Vite topcoat.

Zuza, u so shiny :D

One more, in full sun, to really see Zuza's sparkle.

And thus concludes my Alphabet Challenge. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Join me next time as I have to start coming up with my own ideas again ;) Have a great Friday! xoxo

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