16 September 2013

Go Pack Go! Packers Football Nails

Hello errbody! Today is Sunday, and around here, Sunday is football day. American NFL day, to be precise. I love this game, and my favourite team is the Green Bay Packers! Today I have a manicure showing off two different Packers-themed nail products I have. Let's check it out!

get ya cheeseheads on!

First, let's talk about that awesome polish on my index and small fingers. Over a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, I have two coats of BadAssPolish's Go Pack Go!, from their "Are You Ready For Some Football?" line :D

There are only a few teams represented there so far, but I got lucky that mine was and snatched up this bottle as soon as I saw it. It's a clear suspension base packed with small green sparkle, a tiny bit of gold microglitter, and the those big yellow-gold hexes! It's very dense--over a green base I'd just use one coat, but over the white I used two. The formula is quite thick and can be tricky to work with, but the upside of this is that you don't have to fish for those big glitters at all. Plus, over a red base it would be a great Christmas look!

All their polishes are handmade, 3-free, and have those little metal balls in to keep it mixed up. The bottles are 15ml and good-quality, and the brush is nice too. Also, the packaging when shipped is the best I've ever seen! It's wrapped in a little bit of felt and secured in a small cardboard tube. Overall, I'm impressed with this brand*. I wish they had more choices, but the ones they do have are great. :)

In the sun, for sparkles. You can't really see it in these shots, but the words "Are You Ready For Some Football" are actually in the shape of a football going around the polish name on the bottle! Really cute touch.

Indoors with flash. The other side of the bottle, with the name and site URL. Go pick this up now!

On my ring finger, I have three thin coats of Zoya Ivanka, my all-time favourite green polish. Emerald with the best glassflecky beautiful sparkle ever. I need to find backups of this shade. Just amazing.

The thumb and middle finger are two coats of Zoya Darcy, which looks like a creme but in certain lights has a nice subtle yellow-gold shimmer. I really love this daffodil-yellow shade. I've seen it all over the internet and finally picked it up, and I'm already super-glad I did! I didn't have another yellow like it, plus it's a great Packers-gold shade.

On the middle finger I used some nail decals my brother got me for Christmas (thanks, Mark!). The brand is WinCraft, and although they are advertised as nail tattoos and sized as such, they are actually just the same as a temporary tattoo you would use on your skin, rather than a water decal as I first thought. They come on a sheet like this. I like that there are five different sizes, to fit each nail the same way. Unlike using them on your skin, I only had to hold the wet cloth on the back of the paper for a second or two before it transferred onto the nail, so that was handy. Sealed in with Orly Sec 'N Dry topcoat.

One more pic. Kind of blurry, kind of meh lighting, but it nicely showed off those yellow hex glitters. They stand out a lot in person!

Time to go make some food and get ready for today's game. See you next time! xoxo

*BadAssPolish did not send me this product to review, nor are they compensating me in any way for this. I bought the polish myself and am just reviewing based on my honest opinion.

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