19 September 2013

Holosnake! OPI DS Magic + Holo Snake Print Nails

Good evening my dears! I have another blue + holographic manicure for you today. Surprise, surprise, right? :D

Two amazing polishes come together in this combination. Let's take a look!

shiny :D

As usual with my holographic manicures, I can't help but take way too many pictures and have a hard time deciding, so there are loads of pics. Click the jump for the rest!

So... The base is two coats of one of OPI's lovely designer series, DS Magic: a deep royal glassflecky-blue that shifts to pink and gold in the right lighting. Here is a pic of it alone, where you can see some of the multichrome effect...

dark blue to electric blue to some purpley-pink. Gawgeous!

And a shot in the bottle... I love this pic:

You can see a lot of the shifting here. Outside in natural light. :)

I stamped over top of it using the snakeskin-ish image from Mash plate #42, and Color Club Over The Moon, a lovely sky-blue holo. These Color Club Halo Hues all stamp beautifully! Sealed in with Orly Sec 'N Dry topcoat.

Inside with flash. I got a lot of double-takes with this mani :D

Nice blurry shot to capture the rainbow/prismatic effect! Click to enlarge, for maximum beauty *_*

And one more. Another you should click to see full-size, because the clarity is really breathtaking in ths one. Probably my favourite pic of it. I am having so much fun wearing this :D

I know, I know I do way too many blue and holo manicures. But I love 'em! And come on, who wouldn't like snakes more if they were blue and rainbowy? :D

Hope you enjoyed this one. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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