26 February 2014

Indie Polish Swatches, Part 1

G'day, gorgeous!

Today's post will be part 1 of a 2-part swatch-and-review of some polishes I received recently. Indie Polish recently had a discount on international shipping, so I had to get in on that. I picked up one of their grab bags--four mini bottles of polish, chosen randomly. I'll show you my two favourites today as well as a nail art look for each. Next time I'll show you the other two, as well as a few images of the cute packaging it came in!

First up is the most beautiful polish I've seen in a long time. It is called Regal, and it's a stunning warm, medium green with a strong golden shimmer. It's incredible!

This is two lovely coats of Regal (plus topcoat). Oh my, I just have no words. It's SO pretty. The pics don't even do it justice. I had actually intended to swatch all four of these polishes in a row and get the pics up at one time, but I made the mistake of starting with this beauty, and couldn't bear to take it off. Ended up wearing it as a full mani for a day, then adding art and keeping it two more days!

"Hello, even in shade and low light, I am wonderful."
"But I'm even nicer in the sun!"
To accentuate the golden shimmer without covering too much of it, I added some Born Pretty Store gold studs...

An instant favourite in my entire collection, this one. My only regret is that I only have a mini bottle! Might have to pop back over to her shop soon :)

My second favourite of this collection is a simple neon pink. Yes, I have other neon pinks that are very nice. But do I have any others that apply smoothly, cover in two coats, and are brilliant and bright without needing a white base coat underneath? No I do not.

As is so often the case with neons, I couldn't get it to photograph right. It's brighter and more opaque than it appears here, and much more so than it looks in the bottle. Think Lisa Frank, think China Glaze Summer Neons, think "ouch, my retinas". It's wonderful.

Two coats plus topcoat gives you this opacity and shine. Fabulous! It also is the kind of bright funky pink that crosses into edgy, punk territory. And I just bought these cool black star sequins the same day... so...

Black stars and striping tape and they are totally ready for an MXPX concert. (I wish they'd play here!) Striping tape is so finicky to work with, by the way. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my mishap the other day. In trying to clip off the end of the tape, I slipped and clipped off a corner of my nail! ARRGHHH! Fortunately, I was able to file it down and it isn't too noticeable here--you can't even tell, can you?--but I can totally tell and it is driving me CRAZY.

My rose-scented reed diffuser thingy came with one reed that has this butterfly on it! Had to pose with it.

And one more with my awesome silver holo handbag from DSW. Look at those rainbows! I'm going to start including this bag as a backdrop in every post ever. Maybe.
So, that's it for now! Part 2 will come next Thursday. I hate to break it up like that, but I ran out of time! Tomorrow morning I fly out for a short holiday. I hope you won't miss me too much ;) I am visiting a friend in Perth, on the west coast. I will probably do a quick post from there, as we're planning a manicure night and I will definitely get pics. I can't wait! So take your vitamins, eat your veggies, drink plenty of water, and I'll see you next week. Take care! xoxo


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