25 February 2014

Simple Nail Art over Zoya Nidhi

Hallo, me lovelies!

Today's design is one I found that I wore a few months ago and forgot to show you!

 It was around Christmas, so I used this gorgeous glassflecky red base colour: Zoya Nidhi.

Nidhi is absolutely one of my favourite polishes ever, and definitely my fav red. Smooth buttery formula, dazzling glassflecky shimmers that change from red to gold to pink to blue, and a one-coater if you're careful with application! Classic shade but with that little spark that sets it apart from the rest. Gawgeous! I applaud you, Zoya.

I *had* to get a pic with this neat red clip-in hair extension! Me so edgy.

The black and white dots are done with acrylic paint, in a sort of half-circle pattern around one side of the nail. For some sparkle I plopped a 3mm crystal in the middle.

It isn't my favourite design ever, but I liked it well enough, if for no other reason than that delightful base colour.

Sorry for the short post! I got sunburned today, and just sitting in this chair is requiring me to hold myself up rather gingerly at an odd angle. Ha. I hope it's better tomorrow--I have a big swatch-and-review post to get up for you, plus some packing to do... More about that later ;) see you then! xoxo

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