07 March 2014

Holiday Manis with Kimmi

Hello! Let's give this Blogger app for my phone a go and see how it works. 
*edit* it was rubbish, I am doing final edits and publishing this quite late after arriving back home :S

I am having a lovely time in Perth! My friends are fun people and wonderful hosts, and we are doing lots of sightseeing and beachgoing and general fol-de-rol. I won't bore you with loads of pics from the trip, but I took one of a lionfish at the AQWA Aquarium, and it came out SO cool, I just have to post it:

"hello, I am Seaking"

Of course, we had to have a manicure night! I will show you my nails first, which I'd done prior to flying over, then the design I did for her. (Her fiancé politely declined any decorating of his digits.)

These photos are all taken with my phone, so excuse the poorer-than-usual quality. On-the-go posts are never quite the same!

For this, I used a base of OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre?, very sheer pink and my favourite for French manis. The gradient tip is done with a makeup sponge and two Orly polishes, Glowstick (neon yellow) and Blue Collar. I wanted more green in the middle as the two blended, but it didn't really work out. There's still a bit :) Over top of that, two coats of China Glaze Fairy Dust for sparkle, and the flowers and butterflies are from a sheet of decals by Cala. Finally, topcoat of INM Out The Door.

Now for Kim's! She has gorgeous slender fingers with longer nail beds and rounded tips, so I wanted to do a softer floral look for her. She requested something involving silver and pink, so I went with this...

The silver is Revlon #928 Silver Dollar, and I used two coats for the tips on most nails, covering the entire ring fingernail for the accent. The pink flowers are Revlon #280 Bubbly & #911 Pink Chiffon, (yes, lots of Revlon in this mani!) and the dots in the centres are Ulta Snow White. The leaves are China Glaze Starboard and Orly Fresh. I used a small brush and dotting tool to create the flowers. Last, for the accent nails, I used 1mm clear rhinestones to add some sparkle and subtle bling to the middles. INM Out The Door topcoat sealed it all in. 

I am back home now, but unfortunately she and I both ended up with a touch of cold or flu or some such by the end of the week. I apologise for being late with this post and the promised finish of my Indie Polish swatches--the latter will be up ASAP! After some hot tea and a nap.

See you soon xoxo

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