23 February 2014

Nail Wheels for Art Show [pic-heavy!]

Hiya! Today's post will be a first for this blog, and I'm pretty excited about it! But first... *tosses hair* notice anything different? Hehe :) I've been playing with the blog layout and background. I love the blue glitter, and I think the lighter body colour in here will make the pics look better. What do you think?

Okay... *deep breath* here goes!
Last November, the office where I worked held an art show/craft fair. Quite a few of us have artistic hobbies--one lady makes scarves, another does jewellery and metalwork, one of my friends makes the most beautiful soaps, lotions, body products, etc, and yet another friend paints on canvas. There are so many talented people there and it was so much fun!

My contribution was designing some sets of false nails (and sold four of them!), but I also made these nail wheels just for display, and I've wanted to show them to you for a while:

This is a REALLY picture-heavy post (I'm talking like, 15 in total) ... so the rest are after the jump!

I tried to use as many different colours, supplies, and techniques as I could, to show off how much is really possible with nail art. It would take ages to find and list all the polishes I used, but I do remember most (if not all), so if you have a question about a specific design, please ask in the comments!

the first wheel I did. I was working in Huntsville, Alabama at the time, so the A and tiger-stripe designs are for all those football fans :)
I love the neon animal-print one so much! Also, the pink and blue ones. I wanted to do baby-shower nails, as several people I knew were having or had recently had babies. I think those would be so cute to wear to a shower, don't you?

A couple of these were done alongside full manis I wore and posted here! The autumn-oil-painting and the textured gradient, to be precise.
the only nail I wasn't really happy with is that snowflake one. Topcoat smudged the begeezus out of the white ones :( But look at that neon! As is common with neons, it didn't photograph quite right. It's China Glaze Pool Party, and it's a bit more pink than it looks here.
the second wheel! I went a bit crazier with bling and embellishments on this one :)
I really do love all of these, but my two favourites are there at the top--the black roses and that shooting star :)
This pic has it all--matte glitter, holo, hardware, fimos, textures...!
Shazam! Blingsplosion! (Is that a word? It is now.) I love the contrast of the bright sparkling rhinestones on the yellow creme. The grey one was directly inspired by Robin Moses' design here! (Gotta love dat Juicy.)

All the above pics were taken in the sun. I think the majority of these look better that way--but some shine in the shade, so I took some there as well:

the one with the stamped silver flowers over here? --> if you've been trying to figure out just what colour that is, you can stop trying. It's a whole spectrum! One of those fantastic Ozotic multichromes that you can't stop staring at :)

Whew! I think that's all :) I know it's a lot of pics, but the project took me a long time and I'm quite proud of them. If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading! I may start working on more wheels soon, so if I do I'll definitely post them! (One at a time, I promise!)

Have a wonderful day, and I'll see you next time! xoxo

(eek! It wouldn't let me use all the labels I wanted! Apparently, Blogger only allows up to 200 characters in labels. Who knew? I took out the ones pertaining to colours or techniques, and just settled on brands used. As I mentioned before, if you have any questions about any of them, please ask!)

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