07 March 2014

Indie Polish Swatches, Part 2

Hello again! Finally back with part 2--sorry for the wait :)  (This is the followup to Part 1.)

Today I will show you the other two polishes in my four mini-bottle grab-bag from Indie Polish--but first, how about a pic of everything I received? It was so well put together!

(click to enlarge)
(Not pictured--the generous amount of bubble wrap that kept everything safe. Like I said, very well done.)

The polishes were all in that adorable little blue and gold bag, along with the cards--one standard business card, and one little "thank you" card with some info about the brand and social media accounts. The little orange pot on the left is a bonus sample of cuticle cream! I have been using it this week and can report that it does a very good job of keeping the cuticles hydrated without feeling greasy. Also, it smells lemon-limey. I'm quite pleased with it.

Now, the polishes! The first is the unlabelled green bottle. I contacted the mastermind behind Indie Polish and asked about the name so I could attribute it accordingly--perhaps the label fell off? But no, it turns out this was an early prototype of what became Yoshi! My bottle is much more subtle, creamy, and less holographic than the finished product. Since Yoshis come from eggs, I'm unofficially calling this one Unhatched Yoshi. :D

As you can see on my index and middle nails, it is quite sheer, and would take many coats to be opaque and cover all nail line. I noticed, however, that it's nearly the exact same colour as my favourite green polish, Orly Fresh. (Yes, I know, Fresh has been in tons of my posts lately. Don't judge. I can't help that it's so awesome.) So, I used it as a base on my ring finger, as you can see above, and it works beautifully as undies for this polish. You can also see some of that holo peeking out of the bottle!

Bottle shot in the sunlight. Again, the holo shows up best this way. Very subtle, but it's there.

The last one is The Roof Is On Fire, a glitter topper: red, orange, and yellow hexes and squares in varying sizes, all suspended in a clear base.

On my index finger is two coats alone--so as you can see, this isn't something you'd build to opacity by itself. But it looks great over other colours! I tried it here over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, Wet 'N Wild Black Creme, and OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, in that order. I can't decide which I like best. Some of the bits are more opaque than others, and I think the overall effect is really cool.

I wanted to do some art with this, and the inspiration came from the name, not necessarily the polish itself...

I kinda love this.

Kaboom! The same blue and white polishes from above serve as base colours, then the words and house silhouette were painted on with my black Stripe Rite polish. The letters were a bit tedious, but not actually as difficult as I expected! Of course it looks much better IRL at normal size than all blown up like this. The flames are done with red and yellow acrylic paints, and then this polish was dabbed over the fire to look like the sparking and embers :D

Thus concludes my Indie Polish posts... for now. I definitely will keep an eye on this for other good shipping deals. The quality of the polish is quite good, and I love the care taken in packaging! Even the handwritten labels give a cute personal touch, although they are a bit messy, but I imagine the full-size bottles are different. And even if they aren't, it doesn't really matter, does it? So, yeah. 10/10 would purchase again.

I hope you liked these! I certainly do... and now I can't get that song out of my head. The roof... the roof... the roof is on FIYAAHHHH... (see you next time! xoxo)

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