16 April 2014

2014 Birthday Nails! Silver Holo & Glitter

Hi errbody! Today's my birthday! So of course I had to do crazy awesome celebration nails.

Outdoors in sun

Enough rainbows for ya?

The silver holo polish is Layla Hologram Effect #01 Mercury Twilight. Two coats over Nfu-Oh's Aqua Base was enough for opacity and mega-linear-holo action :D

Indoors with flash

But that just wasn't enough, so I grabbed a polish from last Christmas season: OPI I Snow You Love Me. Clear base with those big round glitters--each one is prismatic on its own. It's fantastic! Rather than try to paint this on (it would never work), I used an orange stick to fish and place these individually to cover the whole nail. Time-consuming, but totally worth it. As you can see, I also placed a few across the tip of each other nail for an extra-funky-French.

The little stars are also individually placed, and they are from a bottle of Wet N' Wild A009 Hollywood Walk of Fame (part of the Fergie line).

Outdoors in shade. Less blingy, but still pretty :)

Yes, that accent nail was very bumpy. I needed three coats of Seche Vite topcoat to even it out :S but, soooo worth it--especially for one special day! We sat outside in the sun for lunch today, and I think I spent more time staring at my fingers and moving them around than I did eating!

woo, more sun action
blurry, to really show off the colours
dat accent nail <3

One of my birthday gifts was this really pretty multicoloured scarf with shiny gold threads and little sequins here and there :D I LOOOVE scarves. And I love rainbows and shiny bits. It's perfect!

so of course I posed with it.
One last pic, at an angle, just to show off that brilliant blinding rainbow flash

I think if I go to a New Years party this year, I'll do all ten nails like these accent nails. It might take me three hours and this entire bottle of polish, but how awesome would that look?!

Well, time for me to get off the computer and pour another drink ;)  I hope you have a wonderful day, and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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  1. wow, this is a real rainbow bomb *.* i love it!


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