20 April 2014

Inverted Galaxy Mani

Hi everyone! Happy Easter!

Today's design is not overly Eastery, but it's an idea that involves pastels and glitter that I've wanted to try for a while--an "inverted-colour" galaxy manicure!

Galaxy manis typically start with a black base, but if you find any image of one and invert the colours, you see a light base with bursts of neon-ish colours and black stars! So I started with a plain white creme, and then added a coat of OPI Happy Anniversary! over it--it's just a shimmery pearl white that added some opalescence. Then I randomly sponged over some pastel cremes: Confetti #008 Margarita Senorita (yellow), Orly Fresh (green), OPI Can't Find My Czechbook (blue), and Color Club She's Sooo Glam (pink).

After the colours were dry, I dabbed on some of China Glaze Snowglobe--iridescent glitters in a couple of different sizes, but ones that are more clear/light than dark and bright. I tried to dab them on in swirls and clumps sort of like constellations and star clusters :) Finally, some black acrylic paint and a small brush for the random dots and star shapes in the sky. Topcoated with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Most of these pics are taken inside with flash--I didn't have any sun by the time these were finished. The weather has been so unpredictable lately. But here's one inside with a natural-ish light:

My astute Australian readers might notice a familiar constellation on the middle finger ;) In honour of my first Easter here!

This mani is one that looks better in person at "normal size", in my opinion. The pics are cute, but I dunno--it seems more eye-catching IRL. I think it also has an 80's-skating-rink vibe!

I hope you liked this design, and that you have/had a lovely Easter weekend. Thanks for stopping by today. See you next time! xoxo


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Lots of glittery love to you! xoxo