07 July 2014

Liquid Crystal Half-Moons


Today's design features one of my favourite glitter polishes, China Glaze Liquid Crystal (from the Prismatic collection). It's so bright and shiny and gorgeous!

I laid down a base of Orly Snowcone, a periwinkle-blue creme that matches the shade of this rather nicely. One can build this stunning glitter mix to opacity alone, but it's a bit more vibrant this way--not to mention not nearly as many coats. I have one coat of Snowcone and then two thin coats of Liquid Crystal forming half-moons on all nails except the accent.

The pink dots along the line are done with a dotting tool and Color Club She's Soo Glam. I wanted to accent this with pink to bring out the multichromatic shimmer of Liquid Crystal. Yep, in addition to all those gorgeous coloured glitters, the finest bits of microshimmer are the pale blue ones that give this its primary colour--and they shift to pink and lavender! It's so pretty. I wish I had more of the Prismatics. I remember being so disappointed that they weren't holos that I got a bit snubbish, and that's a shame. So much for my usual open-minded nature!

Indoors with flash
Atop the pink dots are some royal-blue hex glitters from Born Pretty Store. The fimo flower on the accent nail is also from there :) And last, it's all sealed in with Seche Vite.

Outdoors in shade
Another outdoors in shade

Above, I tried to capture that lovely pink shift at the angle. It's much more noticeable in person, but any time I tried to photograph it in better light, the bright glitters took over the focus and the camera went a bit crazy!

Outdoors in sun
 Just one more... it's so shiny!

I hope you enjoyed this one! It's a recent fave of mine :) Do you have any of the Prismatics? (Are you in Australia and know where I could get my paws on the rest of 'em?) Let me know!

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