11 July 2014

Random Holoness with Color Club!

Hello! Guess who messed up the scheduling for this post and made it go out late?

Just kidding, it was me. :P

These nails are pretty weird, though. It started as "I want to wear some holo, I'll just grab the first one I see!" It turned out to be Color Club Kismet, their light limey-sagey green Halo Hue. And then...it got crazy.

I stared at my lovely holo green nails for a while. I always have trouble doing nail art on top of holo--I just hate covering any of the rainbow goodness! I considered stamping over it, but couldn't settle on a colour or design... and then thought, "Whoever said I have to cover the holo? Or pick just one colour and design??"

I slapped a piece of striping tape on each nail, at a different angle on each one. Then I grabbed black, white, and green stripers, as well as the rest of my Halo Hues--Over The Moon (blue), Miss Bliss (pink), Eternal Beauty (purple), Cosmic Fate (peachy orange), and Beyond (black). Did a different random design in each taped off section, using a dotting tool and small brush (along with the brushes that came with the stripers, of course).

And then a rhinestone on the ring finger, because at this point, why not? Sealed in with Seche Vite.

Indoors with flash
I like how the patterns made with the holos shift in and out of view. Sometimes you can see them, other times it's just blinding rainbow goodness.

Outdoors in shade. Indirect light is, of course, when you can see them the most.
Outdoors in sun, it's all rainbow :D I actually posted this pic more for the bottle, look how pretty!

I really need the rest of the Halo Hues <3

And last, including this shot for fun. I fumbled with the brush one time and dropped it against the side of the bottle. Decided it was too pretty to clean off.

One does not simply wipe off and toss away sparkling rainbows.

So there you have it... the weirdest mani I think I've ever done. I hope you liked it, although I'll understand if you don't--haha! I am working on a pretty water marble, so stay tuned for that. See you next time! xoxo

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