04 October 2015

Aurora Leaves

Hello! Sorry I've been so epically lazy lately! I've been doing my nails, but just not had the motivation to get the photos edited and posted. After three years I guess I needed a little bit of a break :)

Back now though and happy to show you the first design I did upon my return to lovely Australia--and what better to celebrate than with an Aussie brand?

The amazing Picture Polish Aurora is one of the most special polishes I own--rare, limited edition, multichromatic, sparkly... perfect! I used two coats over a black base, and then stamped over it with the leaf image from Bundle Monster plate BM-023 and Born Pretty Store green stamping polish. I also sponged a tiny bit of the green along the tips, both to hide tipwear that black creme polishes are so prone to, and to give the cool effect you see here :D

(click to enlarge.. I love water-drop photos with multichromes!)

I love these! I don't want this polish to ever run out <3

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I've got to go prepare for the NRL Grand Finals game. Having friends over. Go Broncos! ;) See you next time xoxo

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