29 July 2014

Spider-Man Nails -- The Lacquer Legion Does Fandom!

G'day, boys and girls! It's time for another Lacquer Legion themed collaboration! This month, we celebrate the things in life we geek out for! TV shows, movies, sports teams, celebrities, comic books, you name it! Whatever you pay to go see, whatever you get excited about, whatever you have posters and T-shirts and collectible tributes to--put it on your nails!

I actually had to think a bit for this. I don't really watch TV, and I've already done manis celebrating my favourite sports teams, movie, book... what to do? Oh, comic books! My two favourites are Iron Man and the Amazing Spider-Man. As you cleverly ascertained from the title of this post, I went with the latter :D

For the French tip nails I used OPI You Callin' Me A Lyre? (soft sheer pink) and Ulta Snow White. Then Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep to stamp the spiderwebs, and Konad black to stamp the spiders. Both images are from Bundle Monster plate BM13.

For Spidey's face, two coats of Revlon #680 Revlon Red (the bottle I'm holding) served as a nice base. I used a small brush and black & white acrylic paint to create the eyes and web pattern. The trick to painting nice straight lines is having nice thin paint--I water mine down just a bit--and going slowly. Sometimes I even hold my breath! Touchups can be done with the background colour, but I also like wetting the end of an orange stick and gently scraping away any mistakes to create a perfect crisp edge.

Indoors with flash

Last, the silhouette on the thumb! I used this pic for the post inspiration, and this one for the colours. The gradient was sponged with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Snappy Sorbet (coraly-orange), Confetti Margarita Senorita (yellow), and Sinful Colors Rain Storm (blue). Over that I applied a layer of Essie As Gold As It Gets, for a sunsetty shimmer. I used light grey to paint the outline of some buildings, although you can't really see them... but then, black and grey to create Spidey swooping through the sky :)

Indoors with flash

All topcoated with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Outdoors in shade

Outdoors in sun

More sun. Glad I got a nice crisp image of him, I love him!

And one more in sunlight.

I'm actually terrified of spiders, but I've always loved Spider-Man. Weird, right? I wonder how long it will take for me to be distracted and then freak out when I think there are spiders on my fingertips :o

Be sure to check out all the great manis everyone contributed to this month's Lacquer Legion theme by searching the hashtag #LLFandom on all your favourite social media sites! There are so many awesome contributions this month--you're bound to find your favourite things represented! And if not, paint some and show us!! :D xoxo

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